05.-07.11.2010 - VJ Festival Erlangen - Drittelhead Live VJ-Set

„drittelhead“ is a wordplay that sounds like triplehead but “drittel” is the german word for “one-third”. and this describes the setup: it is a triplehead live set, but played by three vjs, each one playing one third of the whole picture.

played is real triplehead footage synchronously by all three vjs, to build one big triplehead picture, mixed with single screen footage by each vj. sometimes its the same footage played by each vj in his own style. sometimes the clips differ but still interact with each other.

every vj has its own videomixer with which he feeds his projector but also gets the signals from the others into. so he can copy the screen of some one else on one side, and also feed the others on the other side. the whole setup is even ablae to produce feedbacks over those three mixers. not to mention the possibility to scale this setup to as many vjs as are around. so this concept is not limited to triple-action but the more participants the more difficult it will be to play synchronously.

the played content is part of our triplehead footage and very minimalistic motion-graphics, building up tension through the different styles and sound support way they are played.